Thursday, May 7, 2009

"It's a real film, it's cinema. It's not really an ad"


The title words spoken by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and he's absolutely right, if only all ads could be this wonderful!

Imagine a television advertisement financed by Chanel, collaborating with writer and director of Amelie and other classic French films, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and starring the beautiful and talented Audrey Tautou. Yes, magic it is.

View film here

Do yourself a favour and watch the making of the short film here (oh to be making films!) 

*Screencaps created by Starbucks & Jane Austen


captivateme said...

oh my goodness...the story this tells just from the stills...amazing.

chantelle said...

omg i totally loved this when it came out!

Hannah JV said...

Holy hell, this is truly, truly beautiful. Thank you for this.

PS: RSS subscribed!