Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Minor details & passport photos

*David Vasiljevic photo

When did this blog go from inspiration to Sabina? I am so immersed in all things travel at the moment that I have had little time turning my attention to fashion. Today I had the most hideous passport photo taken, paid the lovely girl and then came home set up my tripod and posed for 1 hour! It is very funny & i give you all permission to laugh.

The other thing that has been preoccupying my time is where to stay in Paris and which hotel! It is very difficult to decide as they all promise me something wonderful, Left Bank, Montmarte, shopping, sights, parks - I am finding it impossible to decide.

So I have 6 weeks left and no doubt the time will pass quickly. I will stay in Paris for 6 nights then join a tour of Spain & Italy for a further 11 days. Excitement can not build any higher than this, can it? Imagine the day before! Did I mention that I'm petrified of flying, just a minor detail.


Daria said...

italy too *_*
if you need to know anything about rome, just ask ;)

Sabina said...

Thank-you Daria! The last leg of my trip will be a tour so no doubt I will be amongst the bewildered looking tourists in Rome!