Sunday, March 1, 2009

Work IT!


A few of my favourite looks today:

Miroslava Duma in cinched waist jacket with full skirt, perfect shoes of the moment & confidence in her pose 

Caroline Web working a blazer, plaid shirt & studded boots highlighted by the perfectly positioned pant cuff *sigh*

Susie Bubble always working her own ingenious style with friend in navy jumpsuit, cute cut out wedges and bouncy curls

Gorgeous couple (siblings? friends? lovers maybe?) who cares..both so casual cool

o.k there is nothing I don't love about this outfit! From the powerful colour & plaid of her jacket to the grey/blue hues of her clothes underneath, I love how this girl has changed a look that's is everywhere to one that is her own. 

Last but not least, i appreciate this women's thigh high boots even though i would not wear them myself and that shawl looks super warm. 


LoveMore said...

oh yes they ARE working it! love the boots in the second and last shots :)

great post girlie! and so cute the post about your bubba!! adorable..

xxxlove LM

the healthy ghost said...

Love them and your taste¡

Sabina said...

thank-you ladies! hey, cute new profile pic LoveMore!

captivateme said...

Another fabulous post! I MUST HAVE that coat with the full skirt--it's just stunning!

P.S Check my blog out for your award, darling!

Sabina said...

what someone say award? hopping to it now...whoot excited!