Tuesday, March 31, 2009


*images: NAST magazine, Melbourne Street Fashion, La Garconne, tfs, Sambag

I'm trying to be responsible and plan my next season's wardrobe, so I thought I'd do a mental picture of what I'd like to wear. As the days start off cooler and we have been blessed with sunshine & warm weather in the afternoon, it's all about layering.

I bought some Bloch jazz shoes (metallic baby!) yesterday and have the Sambag boots (pictured above) waiting for collection. I'm guessing lots of skirts and beautiful tights this season and comfy tops that I can throw my leather jacket over with my fave accessory - scarves!

Does anyone own the AA legging/hosiery and have recommendations? I went in a couple of days ago and wanted too many, so recommend away.

And last but not least, how daft is my collage? I no longer have access to Photoshop *sigh* and this is just wrong!


elsa said...

Your collage is just fine! I wouldn't even know how to do that;) The AA tights are great, I bought some like 2 years ago, and still wear them.. Love all your selection also, especially the shoes.. xx

Sabina said...

yay thanks Elsa, so glad i bought them now that they have your approval =)