Thursday, March 26, 2009


Sretsis designers (sisters spelt backwards)

Matina Amanita rings 
apologies for forgetting source, lovely hands though :)

CK & Moi

So you've all heard about my beautiful friend CK whose wedding I was looking forward to and attended this past word..amazing. 

We arrived at a beautiful old home they had hired on the outskirts of Melbourne and it felt as if we were bush, trees everywhere & even kangaroos and the setting was truly inspiring. Out of nowhere walked my gorgeous CK arm in arm with her parents and made everybody cry!

CK was lucky enough to have the wonderful Sretsis sisters sprinkle their fairy magic dust all over her, from her dress, to the brooch in her hair and even her rings. If anyone is the perfect ambassador for the designs, it's my friend CK.

Check out Sretsis here
Check out Martina Amanita here


Couture Carrie said...

What amazing rings!

And I love Sretsis - their name is so clever!


elsa said...

Your friend's dress is amazing! These rings are great too, this wedding looks like a lot of fun!