Monday, March 2, 2009

When blog girls (& celebs) inspire

above: Sea of Shoes
don't worry about the jeans, check out those wedges

above: Punky B - always a highlight in my inspirations

me: boy jeans & messy wardrobe for everyone to see!
The man was going to throw these out last night - not so good at recycling but I am!
Just in..Rachel Bilson in baggy jeans..hmm maybe I should do some ripping?


elsa said...

I love it! I wish there wasn't a 15 sizes difference between me and my boyfriend!

Sabina said...

Elsa: LOL! Yes I'm lucky to be able to fit into his jeans! I must be built like a man hehe.

elsa said...

Lol not what I meant.. I'm the midget dating a giant!

LoveMore said...

oh you have done a fab post..i love it all. especially you in your man jeans! they look awesome! i think you should def go Bilson style and add some rips..why not?! and you for memory are a mum? hottest mother i have seen i think! wow!

xxx love LM

LoveMore said...

oh just saw you left me some comments :) thank you hon!

oh i don't know the Cherry B Girl's blog..i will have to check it out! but thank you

xx LM

Daphne said...