Friday, March 13, 2009

All you need is lover!


I'm so very excited by the little gem that now hangs in my closet. Yes ladies, I finally got my hands on the Lover leather jacket (pictured above from the Altamont collection). My dearest friend and I have been obsessing over it for a year!

Lover had their first jumble sale in Melbourne this past weekend and it was the best sale I've ever been to. 
The clothes hung beautifully, the staff were friendly, there was a great selection and no pushing(!). Lover ladies are the best! 

I also bought a vest & jeans and am now a happy little Vegemite. I had to make a hasty exit when Aimée announced, "Mummy you haven't even given me breakfast yet!" She'll understand one day :)

The 'Sacred Hearts' collection (below) is promised in-stores next month and it's beautiful!

* 'Sacred Hearts' images from Knight Cat
* more Lover here


Priscilla and Katelyn said...

your girl will DEFINITELY understand one day.
Cute stuff!

captivateme said...

Congrats on the jacket purchase--I love it! I also adore all these looks you've posted...reminds me of summer (even with some of the jackets) :-)