Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day

When all else fails to inspire in the stores (or realistically, I'm trying not to spend too much), I love a new lippie & eye colour. Yesterday, my partner and I went for a ride on his Vespa and avoided all the traffic of Valentine's Day for a good dose of coffee & shopping. Aimée was at her Grandparents house being spoilt with attention while we lazed the day away walking along Chapel St, then the more calm Greville St, Prahran. The beautiful sales ladies at Kit always know what I love and helped me choose 'Two Faced' duo eye colour called "I know what boys like" and a Lipstick Queen NEW BIG BANG THEORY ILLUSION GLOSS. How fun are these names? And the packaging is always an added treat, so beautiful. Did I mention they were giving out passionfruit sorbet to their customers. The people at Kit are clever indeed. Kit online here.


Chloé said...

I'm so happy you decide to put a photo of you on your blog =)
Actually, I wanted to ask if you would be okay to do that, so that's perfect !
You're so pretty, and it's nice to be able to associate a face with a blog !

Sabina said...

Why thank-you Miss Chloe, I'll take all the compliments I can get! It's not too often x

elsa said...

You are so cute and pretty! And I agree with Chloé, its great to put a face on your great blog and sweet comments! xoxo