Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Amour Amore Ljubav 愛 Amar

(the most inspiring collages I have ever seen - justjr)

Today is Friday the 13th & it feels too eerie already. The fires that have been burning throughout Victoria are slowly seeping into our air and as I write and try to not breathe the outside air, I try to understand what it might have felt like for the people who not only tried to save their lives, but those whose last gasps of air were chokeful, painful and black.

So as the sky settles and hope returns, I look forward to tomorrow and the day of love. I'm such a sucker for love and it takes up too much of my head space most days. I even chose my daughter's name (Aimée) because it means 'loved'.

I guess that's what you want & need in any tragedy - your loved ones.

To Es & Mimi: Je t'aime  xx


elsa said...

It's so sad to see what happening around the world and the weather, scarry.
And I love that your daughter is called Aimée, one of my favorite and most beautiful French actress is Anouk Aimée... It's really a beautiful name.

Sabina said...

oh thank-you Elsa and Anouk was another name I was considering! I'm telling you - great minds..

Chloé said...

I didn't noticed you lived in Australia before you to talk about the fires. I heard about those terrible events by the news, that's so sad...
And about your daughter's name, my great grandmother was called Aimée, she died too early for me to know her but she's said to have been a brilliant and kind person =)

Sabina said...

Chloe, what wonderful traits to know about your Great Grandmother, I've told my daughter about these beautiful stories about her name. Thank-you ladies x
How do you pronounce the name in French - we tend to call her 'Emme". xx

Chloé said...

"Aimée" sounds similar to the verb "aimer" if you know how to pronounce it in French. I don't know how to explain with english sounds !

Sabina said...

Thank-you Chloe! Just checked on a pronounciation site and it sounds beautiful and just like we say it - you're a darl x