Monday, February 23, 2009

Before the Oscars


Mary-Kate Olsen at the 2009 Film Independent’s Spirit Awards held at Santa Monica Beach in Santa Monica, California on Saturday February 21.

How about those shoes?!

I've been watching the telecast of the Oscars today & I'm much more impressed this year by the awards show, mainly for 1 reason - the clever presentation of Oscars by previous winners complete with lovely words to each of the nominees. You can tell they're chuffed. 

And Heath won..his family celebrated his success & moved everyone with their speech. 



LoveMore said...

oh hope you enjoyed your melbs stroll with your gal pal :)

and aw i watched the oscars too...the bit on heath (tear)..did you watch the THS on him last night? so good. and i also agree..everyone gave genuine was really moving and you could tell it made their world.

love MK's outfit here too! would kill for that dress.

much love LM xxx

elsa said...

Oh my god these shoes are really gorgeous.. But don't they look like waaay too big for her? I actually really like the whole outfit, the dress is so simple and elegant!

Sabina said...

LoveMore: Yes a lovely time with my friend, chilled out and always fun. I missed the Heath special but yeah you're right, all so genuine, how they managed to keep it together so well is beyond me. I hope you've recovered!

Elsa: I have to go back & check out the funny that i miss these things. Yes that dress is lovely but I couldn't find who it was by, think it was vintage.

Oh to have their closet, just for a day!