Thursday, February 12, 2009

About a girl - Valentine Fillol Cordier

Observer magazine
Muse Mag

Valentine's beauty secrets, very old but I like it nevertheless!

My daily beauty routine is Aderma Oat Milk foaming gel, and Kiehl's Amino Acid Shampoo. The recipe for a beautiful skin is applying tons of moisturizer (even if you have spots) and drinking two bottles of Volvic mineral water a day.

In my makeup bag you'll find Pout Berry Babe rouge, and Eye Desire You eye pencil, a MAC eyebrow brush, and T LeClerc royal red nail vanish.

My newest beauty discovery is Chantecaille Bio Lift Concealer it is amazing.

I shop for products at any good French pharmacy, also at Space NK and Selfridges.

My daily moisturizer is La Prairie Cellular Hydrating Serum, and La Roche-Posay Hydraphase. However, I change all the time; there are always new ones I want to try.

I have my hair done by David Mallett in Paris.

I never fly without Crealine H2O micellar solution, Clinique Anti-blemish Solutions, and a small glass of wine.

My favourite spa is an Oriental urban retreat in Paris called Les Bains du Marai.

My favourite treatment is an essential oils massage.

My view on plastic surgery is that I don't understand why anyone would want big breasts. However, I am still making up my mind about other options.

I keep fit by walking, dancing, and a lot of love.

My favourite fragrance is Chanel No 5 and Frederic Malle Musc Ravageur.

My best beauty tip is to stop crying.

(from TFS)

For my friend as promised, some pics of Valentine. 
She's modelled for A.P.C, Urban Outfitters & Charles Anastase to name a few and dated Jamie Hince before Kate Moss (gasp). She Hangs out with Alexa Chung & Kelly Osbourne but I like her mostly for her style when she's just hanging out.


LoveMore said...

DANG miss hot post! i loved it all...interview and pics :) i want to hang out with Val and her posse!

thanks for your comment..haha i love So You Think You Can Dance! so addictive!

happy friday!

xxxx love LM

captivateme said...

wow, wow, wow! I'm in love with that first picture in the second set. How gorgeous and sooooo inspiring!! thanks for posting :-)

elsa said...

ahhhh now I know where I saw her, on the APC catalogs (I used to work for APC..) silly me! Anyway I'm in love with her now, and that outfit she's wearing on the 1st pic is gorgeous! Thank you so much for making me discover her! And I find it really interesting what she says about Brits not being politicial, I find French to be OVER political! xxx

ChloƩ said...

Valentine is so hot, I saw her on few magazines and I think she's part of the most amazing models we see at the moment ! If only dancing and walking was enough to look like her...
By the way, you make me study my english in a coolest way than my lessons =)

Sabina said...

LoveMore: why thank you! keep up the dancing girl.

captivateme: you chose well, glad to inspire : )

Elsa: um worked for APC? What did you do? I'm jealous x

Chloe: I've downloaded the google language translator on my Google page so I can translate French sentences (I'm such a geek). I'm so glad your practising your English - you're so good!

ChloƩ said...

Merci beaucoup =)