Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Listen up

I have an announcement - no I'm not pregnant, getting married blah blah blah. Actually, I have serious blog post angst. The more I visit the wonderful blogs around, the more I wonder, what the heck am I doing here? The other day my friend referred me to the most marvelous blog ever - The Style Rookie by Tavi. Tavi is 12, clever, eye opening, sweet, creative and worth clogging up the blogosphere. I started this thing as an inspiration folder & that's probably what I have to remember. I'm not destined for greatness like Tavi and no I'm not being coy! Anyway..I hope I get inspired soon. xx

p.s please do yourself a favour and visit Tavi's blog here.

p.p.s thank-you my CK for finding her x


Alainnah said...

Hi there!
I read your blog all the time, you have a great eye for choosing interesting and unusual photoshoots and post some great links. keep it up :-)

Sabina said...

Such kind words, thank-you x