Thursday, January 1, 2009


Ah the morning after. I hope your NYE was everything you expected & more.

This photo selection is a result of a day lazily browsing wonderful Swedish blogs and they are plentiful & so inspiring.

These photos aren't entirely from the Swedish gals but it all started with Niotillfem's blog. She had me at hello because she is currently in Paris and has posted wonderfully photographed & atmospheric pics. So be sure to check it out here and it may just take you on your own crazy blog ride!

Goodnight lovelies x

6. Olfa


Erin said...

I am obsessed with cute European girls who blog too :). See?

LoveMore said...

awesome pics! great selection...the first one is my fav though..sooo pretty. happy new year sab!!! :) xx LM

189m said...

nice ph, happy new year girl my best wishes for you

Sabina said...

Erin - I can't believe we loved the same Swede girls! Thanks for your comment.

LoveMore - thank you sweet girl

189m - lovely to find you here again, hope you have an amazing 2009