Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tomorrow - 2009

I don't do resolutions but I do dream and look forward to:

1. My baby starting school
2. My beautiful friend's wedding
3. Enjoying the rest of Summer
4. Working
5. Dreaming
6. Loving 
7. Resting

Happy New Year!


LoveMore said...

thank you for your comment! I love love ALL of these much..especially the last one, your daughter looks so happy :) the first pic is also just AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING..i want to be her.
love your blog...def adding you to my favourites!!!
Happy New Years xxx LM

cleo said...

sabrina:)thanks alot for your comment:)such a plasure to hear them:)
have a lovely lovely new year:)

LoveMore said...

oh that's a shame you didn't get to hit a dance floor of some sort...even your bedroom room will do though..haha..thanks for approving my new years outfit! :)
you have some lovely things to look forward to this year, so all the best for the year from me to you xx LM