Monday, November 3, 2008

Christian Wijnants

‘I like it when women dress naturally and have that certain casual-ness. I’m not one for going over the top. You can easily lose all the sense of personality that way.’

Born in Brussels in 1977, Christian Wijnants moved to Antwerp in 1996 to study Fashion Design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. After graduating in 2000, Wijnants won the prestigious 'Grand Prix' at Festival de Heyeres and began selling his collection to boutiques such as Colette in Paris. After working for Dries Van Noten and Angelo Tarlazzi, Christian Wijnants launched his own label in 2003. 

Since then, Wijnants has won many distinguished awards and is carried by some of the most notable boutiques worldwide including Belinda in Australia. He is truly a dedicated designer, showing twice a year in Paris and teaching at the Royal Academy in Antwerp since 2005.

Inspirations : Surrealism, dada and African Folk
Renowned for feminine & poetic style, knitwear


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