Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things I loved

I love this so much that I'm wondering where to start. I guess I noticed the tights first and then that bobble bag, cream skirt/dress, the colours so perfectly melting into one another from dark to light (head to toe), the ruffles, oh the ruffles on that perfect jacket - it is true style envy.
What are great colour for a Fall/Winter jacket and teamed with her purple scarf and bag, magic!
Just looks so much like Camille Bidault Waddington, nevertheless love this family pic. 
(Post Ed: It is actually art crtic/magazine editor/curator Olivier Zahm and family)

Natalia simply chic
This dress demonstrates the beauty of a simple dress with ingenious detail. It doesn't hurt that it's worn by Natalie Portman at the Paris shows.
Comebacks should always be this fun. Kirsten Dunst shows crinkle while Kate Bosworth gets lippy (!) in satin at Miu Miu.

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