Sunday, October 19, 2008

lovely collaborations

Sofia Coppola designs her perfect day bag in collaboration with Louis Vuitton. Named the 'SC', Coppola wanted a bag that is "chic, discreet & lightweight and not enormous".

"Sitting in the Vuitton showrooms, looking out over the Seine and the gray slate roofs of Paris, Coppola, in a mauve sweater and corduroy pants, is the absolute opposite of a Victoria Beckham striving to create a celebrity fashion brand. The cineaste had come from her Paris home, where she is writing the script of a movie she hopes to make next year, and looking after her daughter Romy, who turns 2 next month." International Herald Tribune

The LV collection will debut in Tokyo on December 5 before it goes on sale across the globe in March.

Below: Francis Ford Coppola & daughter Sofia in recent Louis Vuitton ads. Was this when the ideas began to flow?

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