Sunday, July 27, 2008

About a boy - Matt Sundin

I wish I had more time to describe how wonderful Matt Sundin's work is but you'll have to discover it for yourself ( Be sure to check out the pics and the beautiful film titled 'Amy'.

You see, it was meant to be for me to find his work - the young Melbourne girl in the Teen Vogue "Young Fun" post, blogged about him on her site ( and my search on model Ali Michael took me to the same place!

And on another note, on the same day as my 'Young Fun' post, there appeared a write up on just the same thing in the Sunday Age 'M' magazine. Sophie Hexter wrote about young girls fashion and the way they are promtly aware of high-end labels through the media and although they are not wearing such labels, they are dressing in a cool & stylish fashion anyway. 

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Bianca said...

Awww, Thanks for the mention!
Isnt Matt Sundin wonderful? I love his stuff.